Can You Track A Laptop With The Serial Number? | Best Guide 2022

Can You Track A Laptop With The Serial Number? | Best Guide 2022

Can you track a laptop with the serial number? Laptops have become an essential part of our everyday lives. They keep us connected to things that matter most to us and help us succeed in our professional life. Laptops are powerful machines that store a lot of our personal data.

But no one can ignore the possibility that sometimes when we are not looking at the machine, it gets lost in the crowd.

When my laptop went missing during a trip outside of my home state, I was overcome with a feeling of panic and anger. I wanted to know immediately how to best track it. But then I realized that for all I knew, this could be a job for an expert. 

If I didn’t have experience working with computers, how would it help me get my laptop back? Only by seeking advice from the IT department at my school and enlisting their services – a strategy used by many around the country did I manage to find any data on where my beloved laptop might be.

I was in extreme panic. The only question I was asking was. Can you track a laptop with the serial number?

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Why Do You Need The Answer Of Can You Track A Laptop With The Serial Number?

Losing a laptop is devastating. Wiping one clean and walking away from it may at first seem like an option. The reality is that not only do you risk losing your sensitive data.

But if you pre-installed any apps they will continue to be operational without your permission or knowledge.

Another serious problem that may arise is identity theft or other forms of fraud. The best thing you can do if your laptop has been stolen or lost is to create a way to recover your precious data. You need a way to wipe out all records of any activity on it in order to protect your identity. 

Luckily, computers today can be traced within certain distances through software programs. There are many ways to track a lost or stolen laptop. This article emphasizes laptop tracking with serial numbers.

Can You Track A Laptop With The Serial Number? What Works?

Can you track a laptop with the serial number? Yes! Serial numbers help ward off thieves. Record the serial number of every device, including your laptop.

Serial numbers are a crucial part of identifying a stolen device. Your devices are constantly transmitting their serial number to the provider’s network, enabling them to recognize them on sight. 

To be sure, your serial number cannot locate your device’s precise location. However, if you call your provider informing them of the theft they can easily recognize the device on sight. 

If a computer is stolen from you, some tech support services may require you to provide the serial number of your device when filing a complaint with them. Note that such services do not necessarily guarantee that they will be able to recover it securely. 

In addition, if you file a police report, there could be future potential concerns related to sharing sensitive information like computer-specific serial numbers. This information can occasionally be used as evidence should someone decide to commit theft for example.

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What Is The Best Way To Find A Lost Laptop Using A Mac Address?

What Is The Best Way To Find A Lost Laptop Using A Mac Address?

Can you track a laptop with the serial number? One way goes through the Mac Address.

Your Mac’s network interface is either six sets of two numbers, letters, or figures contained with hyphens, or it could be a combination of one letter and four numerals. 

To discover what your specific address is before things go wrong, launch the terminal app from your Applications folder. 

Mac Address Can Be A Saviour If You Look For The Answer Of Can You Track A Laptop With The Serial Number?

Your MAC address is linked directly to your network connection. Therefore it is accessible to you by checking what’s listed on the bottom left-hand side of the window when opening your system utilities.

Another way to do this would be to select “Command + Shift + U” or to press “Ctrl + Shift + U”. You will see all the available network interfaces and their MAC address.

When your laptop computer goes missing in a coffee shop or an airport, one thing you can do to help locate it is to contact your network administrator.

But if you did not register your device on a central network, then this will be difficult and other alternatives will need to be taken into consideration.

The MAC address varies from one device to the next. As a result, it is imperative for the administrator to employ an application that checks each device that accesses the network via its unique MAC address. 

This will block uninvited users, who have not been able to register with your network, from accessing it altogether.

Can You Track A Laptop With The Serial Number? What Works For A Window Laptop?

Can you track a laptop with the serial number? If you have a Windows laptop you may be asking this question if it is stolen. The answer is definitely yes and a feature can help you out.

One of the most important features that are often overlooked in a Microsoft Windows device is Find My Device. First introduced in 2015, Find My Device can not only help you track your laptop if it gets lost. 

But it can also let you know whether or not you need to access an application at any given moment via the operating system so that you don’t suddenly find yourself unable to use your mouse or keyboard when you’re deep into something. 

This super simple feature has been rated with the highest possible marks by experts around the world. 

Microsoft has a feature built into its devices that allow you to track their location, specifically if they are missing or stolen. The Find My Device option is part of the Windows operating system and was first introduced in 2015. 

How To Track Your Window Laptop Using The Find My Device Option? 

  • Login to your device through your Microsoft account to get your Find my device working. 
  • Go to the start button and select accounts. Click on the account to select settings and move to ‘update and security. 
  • Select the section tagged ‘update and security. If your information appears on top of the screen, then you’re on. If not, you have to log in.
  • When updates and security appear, look for a device icon on the sidebar menu. Click on it to proceed.
  • When you log on to your Microsoft account, the first thing that you should do is to ensure that you have an internet connection. 
  • Once a connection has been established, do your best to log back in again at another computer or device so as not to be locked out of your account and your system comes up with possible locations for the device.
  • The next step is all about tracking the location with the GPS.

Track Your laptop With IP Address

The risk of having your laptop stolen is pretty high, the odds being one in 53. Laptops and mobile devices have become more valuable than ever before, so it makes good sense to take additional security measures when they’re in use outdoors or out-of-reach. 

Assuming your device has already been lost or stolen, you can backtrack its location and keep an eye on where it goes by signing up for a free Dropbox account and installing the free “Find My Device” app on Google’s Chrome Web Store. Other than that there is also a way of tracking your laptop with the help of your IP address.

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IP Address – The Saviour

Can you track a laptop with the serial number? Yes! And one way goes through the IP address.

The IP stands for “Internet Protocol”. It is called an address because it contains several figures forming a unique signature for each internet user. The address itself links every user to their internet activity. 

These addresses allow a form of communication between billions of users. Can a laptop be tracked by its location? It’s nearly impossible to pinpoint exact location information. Unless the device being searched for has access to the global Internet.

Such an internet isn’t something that can be controlled by hackers seeking anonymity as they won’t always be able to remain disconnected from networks continuously for a long period of time.

  • IP addresses are a good method for tracking a stolen laptop, so make sure to go through the settings of your recent website visits on other devices for this reason.
  • Monitor the most recent access sessions on your laptop. The hacker may log in from any internet-connected work computer, or maybe even a mobile phone if they haven’t already changed their Google account password. 
  • When this happens, the hacker’s dropbox automatically creates an offline folder so that all recent changes will be synced automatically when the next internet connection is present. 
  • This is also why it’s imperative to create a new email address and change your password immediately after confirming that you don’t know anything about this leak.
  • Pray that you have Dropbox because it constantly makes sync while trying to log in.
  • You can spot the recent activity on your Dropbox then you will go to security and the browser section.

FAQs: (Can You Track A Laptop With The Serial Number? )

What is Microsoft’s certificate of authenticity and how does it help web the answer of Can you track a laptop with the serial number?

  • If you have the serial number of the laptop you can track it. The first step is to check out the serial number on the laptop. If you see “Microsoft Certificate of Authenticity” on the bottom of your laptop, then you can use that serial number to track the laptop.

Where to find the serial number of a laptop?

  • It’s not very difficult to find the serial number of a laptop, however, you’ll have to open your laptop to do so. In order to find the serial number of your laptop, you’ll first have to remove the laptop battery and the Hard Drive. 
  • You’ll need a small Phillips Screwdriver to do this. Now, with the battery and Hard Drive removed, you’ll have to turn the laptop over and unscrew two screws with the same screwdriver. 
  • You will now be able to remove the Hard Drive Cover. You’ll then need to turn the laptop right-side up again and unscrew another small group of screws, also with the Phillips Screwdriver. The laptop is now open, and you’ll be able to find the serial number on a sticker on the bottom of the laptop.

Conclusion Of Can You Track A Laptop With The Serial Number?

Can you track a laptop with the serial number? The answer is definitely yes and we have talked about some definite ways of securing your laptop.

But at the end of the day, your laptop protection should be your responsibility. Make sure you keep it with you and do not lose the side of your laptop so you never have to ask this question.

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