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How Much Do Laptops Weigh

How much do laptops weigh is a common question among folks who obsess over features and characteristics, only to purchase a new laptop gadget months later since the old one, no matter how fantastic it was but wasn’t handy for their routines and makes them wonder when buying for the next time as to How much do laptops weigh

Laptops are a popular option for the majority who want a handheld device. When buying a laptop, weight is an essential issue to contemplate.

In this article, we give the best solution of How much do laptops weigh according to the need of your lifestyle and make the choice of your affordable laptop easier.

Let’s jump into it.

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Here’s How Much Do Laptops Weigh:

Here’s How Much Do Laptops Weigh

Newer and cutting-edge laptops tend to weigh between two and eight pounds (2 lbs.-8 lbs.). On average, this range itself is relatively light. A typical laptop with a 13 to 15-inch screen weighs between 2.8 and 4 pounds.

While gaming laptops weigh between 5-8 pounds. To put things in context, luggables were once a thing, and they were laptops weighing roughly 15 lbs., which was still similar to a desktop Computer.

Laptop Categories And Laptop Sizes

The weight range of 2 to 8 pounds remains ambiguous. I understand that this question How much do laptops weigh is troubling for one’s who want efficient laptops that work with their way of living. Let’s break down laptop size and weight into their respective categories.

  • Notepad or notebook a typical laptop
  • Laptop ultraportable / ultrathin
  • Laptops to replace desktop computers that are gaming laptops

Notebook (Typical Laptop)

The label “notebook” is perhaps a bit archaic. It’s a catch-all name for laptop computers. However, before actually any of the powerful and ridiculously thin laptops, the principal goal of a laptop was to be mobile while doing PC activities.

Laptop computers can be a blessing to those who travel or work on the go. They are lightweight and convenient to carry and take around with you, and they are commonly used due to their convenience. Hence a typical answer for How much do laptops weigh.


The majority of models are still categorized as laptops. This group includes Chromebooks and Ultrabooks. Their distinct names serve to identify the brand and maker. Chromebook is owned by Google, whereas Ultrabook is owned by Intel.

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Average Weight Of Notebook Laptop

Apparently, for the answer to the question How much do laptops weigh, it weighs less than 5 pounds without sacrificing even more of the socket system or regular battery. Given that it is a powerful laptop, they have the appropriate travel weight.

Here are several examples:

  • HP Chromebook x360 (3.30 lbs.)
  • Slim Acer Aspire 5 A515-46-R14K Laptop (3.95 lbs.)
  • Ideapad from Lenovo (5.69 lbs.)

How Much Do Laptops Weigh

Many users are reporting that they can multitask better with their notebooks. It is easier to transport and carry around as there is no need to carry around a huge bag or backpack like they had to before.

Ideal Notebook:

Many standard notebooks are reasonably priced for both professionals and academics. If you require portable computers to transport from home to the daily operation of the business, I believe a 13-15 inch laptop with a weight of 3-5 lbs. will be ideal. It performs all of the essential tasks of a desktop computer and is bendable and foldable, which is pretty dope.

Ultraportable / Ultra-Thin Laptop

Many here who are reading this article may wonder why it is not added under the category of above? Well, the answer is lightweight laptops fall within the category of notebooks.

However, many manufacturers are now making thin and light laptops. Most still have most of the core functions, although on a smaller scale. 


These devices may potentially be more expensive for some. Lighter laptops, of course, have fewer ports, a lower battery lifetime, tiny power adapters, and so on.

Ultrathin laptops are the latest trend in the market. These laptops are specifically designed for people who like to be on their computers for most days. They usually have a lightweight design, and some more portable models weigh just 2 pounds.

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Average Weight Of Notebook Laptop

A lightweight laptop weighs between 2 and 2.8 pounds. I felt the urge to differentiate this from your average notebook because it’s a lot lighter because 1 pound makes a huge difference, has fewer features, and costs more. This is best answered for gamers who ask How much do laptops weigh.

Here are several examples:

  • Dell XPS 9310 Laptop with OLED 4K Touchscreen (2.8 lbs.)
  • 13.3-inch MacBook Air from Apple (2.96 lbs.)
  • Ultra-Thin Laptop ASUS Laptop L210 (2.31 lbs.)
  • 13.3-inch Google Pixelbook Go (2.38 lbs.)

Who Is This Laptop Best For?

People that are on the go require the lightest computers they can find. Even though the heaviness of a laptop is just about 3-5 lbs., picture lugging it about for a full day that’s almost as much as a brief arm exercise!

Pupils who walk from one building to the next for lessons, executives who dash around restaurants for meetings, or interviewers who encounter many people in a day are all examples.


Its sole disadvantage is that it is not a perfect alternative for a computer – if that is what you want. Because of its lower size and weight, the standard battery installed may be significantly weaker and have fewer ports and functions.

Desktop Replacement Laptops (Usually Gaming Laptops)

The ideal laptop kind in this section is a high-end gaming laptop with greater power. Due to the general extra functions, a desktop replacement laptop is much bulkier than the usual one and makes the user ponder How much do laptops weigh.

The motherboards are more sophisticated, with an enormous or bigger battery and other fans to withstand the heavy activity.

Because of its lower size and weight, the standard battery installed may be significantly weaker, and it may have fewer ports and functions, so the question How much do laptops weigh is not easy to answer.

Average Weight Of Notebook Laptop

It typically weighs between 5 & 8 pounds, but 8 is a pretty big stretch. The most typical ones for a hefty laptop are 5 & 6.

Here are several examples:

  • Predator Helios 300 by Acer (5.07 lbs.)
  • Nitro 5 Gaming Laptop by Acer (5.95 lbs.)
  • MSI GS75 Stealth Gaming Notebook (5.29 lbs.)

Who Is This Laptop Best For?

For starters, it’s the finest for gamers. Some who play many big games on their desktops will be happy to find that these laptops have the same power. Including non-gamers, these sorts’ features and functionality will be comparable to desktops.

However, take in mind that these laptops are hefty and big. Carrying something might be inconvenient if you intend to run about, so this speaks for How much do laptops weigh. And gadgets aren’t as readily available.

How Much Weight Is Considered Heavy?

To offer an idea of a laptop’s benchmark weight:

  • A 13-15-inch laptop weighs about 2-3 pounds.
  • A 17-inch laptop weighs 5 pounds.
  • A typical laptop weighs about 3 pounds, while ultrathin laptops can weigh as little as 2 pounds. A 5-pound laptop is already considered hefty, especially if it is intended for mobility.

So don’t fret. Most companies understand that making hefty laptops is no longer possible.

Pros And Cons Of The Different Weighs Of Laptop

When you’re here because you want to buy a new laptop, you’re probably puzzled about How much do laptops weigh counts. Are bulkier laptops more powerful?

Are light laptops prone to breaking? To be frank, your options have advantages and disadvantages. Obviously, this will not be the case for all laptop models; however, it is an excellent general contrast.

Lightweight Laptops Pros

I believe that if you primarily use your desktop PC and simply require an extension of your PC as you move about for business, lightweight laptops are the possible way to go and the best answer to How much do laptops weigh.

  • It is easier to transport.
  • Borrowing is practical.
  • It may be utilized for presentations, keynote speeches, and taking notes.
  • More inexpensive pricing

Lightweight Laptops Cons

Unfortunately, they are lightweight because they are, in a way, unfinished. They give the essential laptop functionality, but don’t expect anything more.

  • fewer options
  • Bandwidth deficit

Heavyweight Laptops Pros

Now, if you want to use your laptop as a substitute for a PC at home, solid and heavy laptops are the best option to answer How much do laptops weigh. More ports, fans, and other components contribute to their weight.

  • They are comparable to desktop functionalities.
  • You may still bring it somewhere else if you need to.
  • The specifications are of excellent caliber.

Heavyweight Laptop Cons

Heavy computers, on the other hand, might be a pain to carry about if you’re always on the road or if you commute regularly.

  • Carrying a 5-pound laptop might be taxing on your back.
  • These computers are frequently pricey.
  • The layouts are not as slick as those of ultrathin laptop computers.


Before I finish, allow us to answer some often asked questions about this issue.

How much do laptops Weigh In Kilograms (Kg)?

  • Here’s a simple converter of pounds (lbs) to kilogrammes (kg) for one’s convenience:
  1. 0.9 kg = 2 pounds
  2. 1.36 kg = 3 pounds
  3. 1.81 kg = 4 pounds
  4. 5 pounds Equals 2.27 kg
  5. 6 pounds Equals 2.72 kilogrammes
  6. 7 pounds = 3.18 kg
  7. 8 pounds Equals 3.63 kg
  8. The typical laptop weighs between 0.9 and 2.27 kg. They are considered hefty further than that.

How To Determine Laptop Weight Vis-A-Vis Their Inches?

  • I realize that the usual laptop measurements are in inches. Manufacturers specifically mention screen sizes. So to answer How much do laptops weigh Let’s position them next to one another.
  1. 13-15 inches = 2-5 pounds
  2. 17-inch and taller = 5-8 lbs.
  • Please keep in mind that this is simply a rough estimate. After all, this is not true for all brands. Now there are laptops with large screen sizes yet lightweight parts.


The weight of a laptop varies depending on its components. It’s difficult to determine the significance of these laptops without purchasing and opening them and not searching for How much do laptops weigh. As a result, it is preferable to buy from reputable producers who do not offer counterfeit or imitation goods.

One typical error I made was ignoring laptop weight, not recognizing that the weight already communicates a lot regarding the device’s features and capabilities.

This made me worry and wonder How much do laptops weigh. And now I’m going to share everything I’ve learned with you! Godspeed, and get out there and discover the greatest laptop for you.

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