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How to check if a laptop is stolen

For several burglars, stealing a laptop is a massive task. Craigslist and other online advertising and sale sites, as well as pawnbrokers and even public squares, are ideal places to sell a piece of stolen equipment.

Though few of us would disagree that laptop theft is a heinous act, most of us would jump at the chance to get a quality laptop at a low price. But what will be the price? And How to check if a laptop is stolen?

Whether you acquire a stolen laptop accidentally or because you choose to overlook your best judgment in order to get a good bargain, the results are adverse. If you find yourself in a questionable position but buy anything, you might be charged with Possession of Stolen Property.

Even if you can verify you bought the laptop in good conscience, you will still be without a desktop at the end of the day. The cops will restore the device to its right holder, and you will lose whatever money you put into it.

Every year, Absolute retrieves dozens of stolen laptops, so we understood the basic rule of thumb when it comes to buying a secondhand laptop. If something doesn’t feel right, it usually is, and you should resist it. Now, the question pops up in your mind ”How to check if a laptop is stolen?

Methods of  How to check if a laptop is stolen:

How to check if a laptop is stolen

Red flags to overlook when purchasing a stolen laptop

There are still no visible signs of stealing; there are several danger signs to check for when purchasing used items. You need to keep these essentials in your mind when you are on the mission of ”How to check if a laptop is stolen?

  1. The vendor is unable to provide any technical information.
  2. The laptop’s Kensington lock port is broken, implying that it was yanked from its safety connection.
  3. The laptop does not come with a charging cable.
  4. The laptop is being offered for sale at an abnormally cheap cost.
  5. The serial number has been rubbed off or is visibly hidden.
  6. The laptop is secured with a password.
  7. There are obvious indications of corporate branding.
  8. The vendor refuses to switch on the laptop or link it to the Internet (which would provide security features such as encryption).

What inquiries do you need to make when purchasing a stolen laptop?

Although the offer is irresistible, think twice when you purchase and do your investigation first.

  1. Investigate the cause for the sale. Why is the laptop being sold by the vendor? What have they done with it before? Keep an eye out for stumbling replies or incomprehensible explanations.
  2. Inquire about the laptop’s origins and any authentic paperwork the vendor may have – instructions, invoices, and so on.
  3. Get a receipt for your purchase. It should not be a problem for a trustworthy seller.
  4. Take into account the current market pricing. Is the PC being offered at a very cheap price?
  5. Check the online fraud databases or local cops to discover whether the laptop has been registered missing using the product code.
  6. Ask to take the laptop for a test drive. Link it to the Internet. If the laptop is hijacked while being secured by Absolute, it may be deleted or locked automatically, prompting a notice on the screen with instructions on how to recover the stolen laptop.

Indications that you are purchasing a stolen laptop

  • Price is too low

A low-priced online ad for the newest iPhone, sought-after laptop, or sophisticated tablet is almost always a fake. You should always do some investigation before acquiring any old or new equipment to discover what the market pricing is.

The linked item is listed at a considerably cheaper price is a massive red flag. Another warning indication is offering a large number of products at the same cheap price, which indicates that the products have been seized.

  • There are not any details in the listing

A listing with no information is another clue that a gadget has been robbed. If the listing “does not include specifics, simply a plain description of what that is,” inquire for further data.

Please inquire as to how long the object has been owned by the vendor and why they have opted to sell it. A genuine vendor should be ready to provide you with information about the device’s origins. If something sounds unusual, turn around and approach the other direction.

  • The item is claimable by the seller

You should avoid dealing with a dealer who claims to have found a product on Amazon, Craigslist, or somewhere else. “Locators are not keepers” without first exposing the property to the authorities.  Don’t be deceived by a good deal on a piece of “lost” equipment.

  • Negative feedback is prevalent

Before buying a particular option on an eBay page, peek at the seller’s previous feedback. It’s a significant red signal if there’s no positive feedback. Crooks utilize this low-cost product review to build their reputation before promoting more costly items.

  • The vendor asks for an undetectable payment

Everyone has their preferences when it comes to how they settle for their purchases. However, be alert if a vendor pushes on payment via money transfer or cashier’s check instead of a line of credit or PayPal.

A real dealer selling superfluous hardware is more liable to be adaptable with payment methods, but someone seeking to avoid detection by the site’s product liability team or even law enforcement agencies is more likely to insist on a certain mode of undetectable payment.

If you acquire an item only to discover later that it has been hijacked, you should notify the authorities. When the cops ask you to turn over a stolen item, you should gladly comply.

FAQS (How to check if a laptop is stolen?)

  • How do you tell if a laptop has been stolen?

Use the product code to check online fraud registries or with your state authorities to see whether your laptop has been seized. Schedule a demonstration of the laptop or take it for a drive. Set it up with an Internet connection.

  • Is the serial number of a laptop used to track it down?

Serial numbers alone are not enough to track down a stolen laptop. If you choose to use monitoring software, this information may be coupled with other information to help you find your device.

  • Can we track a laptop that’s been changed to factory defaults?

If you activate the Computrace feature in the BIOS, it does not indicate if the laptop was completely restored. The laptop will transmit a “ping home” indication when it is again internet-connected. If you have not performed this, it will be hard to track down a laptop once it has been thoroughly reset.

  • Can we restrict the use of stolen laptops?

It’s not possible to prohibit access to the laptop, sadly. You should update or deactivate the passcode for your cellular internet service. It’s also necessary to shift credentials for any account that may have been hacked as a result of the loss of your laptop.

Conclusion Of How to check if a laptop is stolen?

Finally, How to check if a laptop is stolen? We would like to present our assistance to you. If you are buying a used laptop, look to verify if the prior owner’s data is still on it.

If you suspect these data are not yours, contact the local police department to determine if they have any information on lost laptops. You should not be concerned if you bought a new laptop from a reputable vendor.

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