How To Cool Your Laptop While Gaming | Best Guide 2022

How To Cool Your Laptop While Gaming

Your laptop will eventually overheat and close down if you are a heavy gamer or a frequent live broadcaster. You have arrived at the correct spot if you have trouble figuring out how to cool your laptop while gaming?

Overheating your laptop can affect its effectiveness and longevity, so you should do everything that you can to cool it down. This article will go over what you need to know to maintain your gaming system cool.

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Is Your Laptop Getting Too Hot? How To Cool Your Laptop While Gaming?

The more efficient and active your laptop is, the more likely it will overheat. However, there are a few telltale symptoms that your laptop is getting too hot:

  • If your laptop gets substantially hotter and the blades whirl faster than usual, even while you’re just browsing the web or watching movies, there’s a good chance you’re dealing with an overheating problem.
  • A considerable drop in efficiency in computationally demanding activities like gaming is another symptom. It is also a warning indicator if your gadget lags frequently and your FPS decreases often. It is triggered by the CPU or GPU ticking down to prevent itself when the temperature becomes too high.
  • Overly high temperatures can also be indicated by higher power usage since hardware devices that have become heated require more power.

Tips To Keep Your Laptop Cool While Gaming

How To Cool Your Laptop While Gaming
How To Cool Your Laptop While Gaming

We have all the right answers to your question regarding how to cool your laptop while gaming?

Overheating may be prevented in various methods.

Select an appropriate Gaming Surface

You should avoid using your laptop on a slick surface like a mattress. Instead, keep your computer on a stable surface at all times, mainly if you’re using high-performance software. This is the best way if you look for the answers to how to cool your laptop while gaming.

Smooth surfaces, including comforters, cushions, or even your thighs, can obstruct airflow, dramatically reducing cooling.

On rough surfaces, including side tables, the rubberized feet lift the laptop high enough to allow air to circulate via the ventilation openings in the bottom.

Purchase a Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad

Cooling pads are a cost-efficient and practical solution for keeping your laptop cooler. Gaming computers are potent, and some pads have additional fans to keep your laptop cooler. Typically, you would lay your laptop on the mat and link it through USB to your gadget.

While most laptops draw in cooler air from underneath and release excess heat out the sides, some laptops start blowing hot air out the bottom.

When your gaming gadget pushes air from the bottom, warmth piles up, obstructing both devices. Check to discover how your laptop handles ventilation first. Do we hope this will give an answer to how to cool your laptop while gaming? 

Examine Laptop Fans

If your laptop is overheating and you are looking for the answer regarding how to cool your laptop while gaming? the first thing you should do is inspect the fans.

Numerous fans are incorporated in current game consoles, which collectively offer good conditioning and ventilation throughout the machine.

When one of these fans fails, the whole system’s conditioning efficiency may deteriorate. You may also use the aforementioned tools to see if your fans are still operational. You can also see the existing fan settings on them.

Ensure that the Laptop Fan and Case are tidy

If all fans are regularly operating, it’s necessary to clean! Over time, a heavy coating of dirt accumulates on outdated laptops, obstructing cooling functions. The temperature drops dramatically when conditioning fans or air grilles are blocked.

Some laptops contain dirt filters for the air vents that may be removed and wiped regularly. Regrettably, this is not always the case. You can do little to prevent the laptop from being unscrewed in most cases.

Refresh the Thermal Paste

If the thermal grease in your laptop appears to be failing, you should consider replacing it. This technique is only recommended if you have easy access to the CPU. The thermal paste on older devices may wear up and lose its efficacy throughout time. 

If your CPU is readily available, you may detach the CPU cooler and change the paste or change it with a nicer one.

It will lower the temperature by just a few points, but it will need more specialist expertise. The same is true for the GPU since the thermal grease may be changed there, although this is sometimes more difficult.

Hardware Upgrade

Having an SSD on your laptop might help it run cooler. The greater the heat on your laptop, the harder it is. You may substantially reduce the temperature of your gaming machine with newer technology that can handle it better.

Upgrades to laptop equipment are generally only feasible to a small extent, but you may often upgrade RAM and storage devices.

Because data isn’t exchanged among RAM and the hard drive as frequently, more RAM reduces CPU and hard drive burden. If you use an SSD rather than a conventional HDD, your program will operate cooler and function better.

Quit running several Programs at the same time

Because the temperature of the equipment is approximately equal to its workload, it is preferable to close down frequently operating applications rather than just placing them in the backdrop. You should exit other programs you no longer require to begin high-performance apps like games.

Browsers like “Google Chrome” and “Mozilla Firefox” are notorious for being energy thieves. You may utilize the Windows task manager to see which apps significantly impact your machine.

Furthermore, you should regularly monitor your device for viruses, including Bitcoin miners, as they may eat up a bunch of your device’s capabilities.

In games, Lower the Graphics settings

When it comes to design, simple is best. Ease the strain that games take on your device to reduce the heat of your machine when gaming. Decrease the efficiency of high-performance functions like anti-aliasing and shadow computation to accomplish this.

Setting a framerate limit is also a good idea, especially for older games when your machine exceeds the needed 60 frames per second. If the game doesn’t have a straightforward option for this, you may utilize V-Sync, limiting the refresh rate to the frame rate of your display.

That’s how you can save money on electricity while simultaneously lowering temps. This is one of the best answers to how to cool your laptop while gaming. 


Only utilize your processor power if you are sure you are doing it right! Whether or not you can “undervolt” varies with the type of laptop you possess. The word refers to the voltage provided to the CPU being reduced.

The lesser the voltage, the smaller the heat it creates during load. Nevertheless, you should only use this method when nothing else helps and be confident in your abilities; otherwise, you risk causing irreparable more trouble than good.

If you lower the voltage too low, your device’s reliability may deteriorate, and the laptop may collapse and stall frequently. If you want to attempt it, you’ll need to access your laptop’s BIOS.

If you change other settings or configure them wrong without comprehending what you’ve been doing, your system will be seriously harmed, if not irreparably damaged! As a result, you should only contemplate it as a last resort alternative if you are sure you understand what you are doing!

How To Know If Your Laptop Is Getting Too Hot?

When your laptop gets increasingly efficient and occupied, overheating is unavoidable. There is a simple technique to determine whether or not your laptop is scorching.

There are two frequent characteristics in laptops that might indicate whether or not your device is overheating. The following are the details:

  • Defective Fans

Suppose you have an advanced and up-to-date gaming laptop. In that case, you won’t have this problem too often because these laptops are prepared with various internal temperature fans to keep the elements within the laptop at a consistent, safe temperature by reducing temperature swings; consequently, the fans will function normally. 

It’s a different story for a low-cost gaming laptop that can run the most recent and intensive games. To see if your fans are operating correctly, utilize your ear and listen for different sounds.

  • Hardware that is more potent but has fewer functions

A low-end laptop may occasionally put up a high-end and robust game, but most recent games demand a specialized GPU and other criteria to operate efficiently. In that instance, the laptop will create more electricity and heat due to the flaws. As a result, the laptop becomes hotter than average. It’s important to remember that some GPUs can only process a specific quantity of data.

Pushing any element to work harder than it should result in laptop harm.

Conclusion On How to cool your laptop while gaming

In theory, working with a laptop is more complicated than with a desktop PC. It is generally preferable to get your expensive gaming laptop fixed by a professional rather than tinkering with it yourself.

Several of our suggestions can help you cool down your laptop if it becomes too overheated. However, if you are not a competent person, it is preferable to get help from a companion or a professional.

If a warranty still protects your laptop, never disassemble it since this will nullify the guarantee! If none of these suggestions work, there could be a flaw in one of your components that is difficult to fix.

If your laptop is new and still covered by the manufacturer’s guarantee, have it checked by a professional to avoid problems.

By now we have given a lot of answers to how to cool your laptop while gaming? Ensure that you choose the best option.

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