How To Fix A Laptop That Got Wet | Best Guide 2022

How To Fix A Laptop That Got Wet | Bess Guide 2022

Users in trouble often ask How to fix a laptop that got wet. Sometimes computers get wet, and they need to be fixed. This can be due to accidental spills of liquids, heat, or even the computer sitting on a sponge.

Without knowing what happened, you’ll know that it’s time to fix your laptop when it gets unresponsive and won’t turn on no matter what you do.

How to fix a laptop that got wet is not the easiest task, but it will surely save the user from wasting money on buying a new one. If you are one of those who have already got water damage, this guide is worth watching.

This paper provides a step-by-step guide for users who want to fix their wet laptops.

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Here’s How To Fix A Laptop That Got Wet

Here’s How To Fix A Laptop That Got Wet

Laptops are one of the most popular tools used today. However, they are not immune to getting wet and becoming unusable. A laptop that got wet can be fixed easily.

This is not an easy process to fix, and most of the time, it ends up costing a lot of money. In this blog, we will share a simple step-by-step guide on How to fix a laptop that got wet.

Ways To Get Your Laptop Wet

Laptops may seem unbreakable, but they are pretty susceptible to getting wet. Laptops are not waterproof, but they can get wet in various ways.

  • Laptops can get wet by spilling drinks through the keyboard or trackpad
  • Laptops can also get wet if they are dropped in water, and the user continues using them
  • Laptops may also get wet if they are near dirty water or a humid environment
  • Laptops can get wet if they are used in the rain or snow

Types Of Liquid Spilled

The type of liquid that can potentially spill on your laptop matters because it tells how much the laptop will be damaged and how much the liquid will seep into the laptop’s parts and make the situation worse. So, let’s look into potential reasons for damage to the laptop before knowing How to fix a laptop that got wet.

Sugary & Alcoholic Drinks

Water is the lowest acidic. However, sugary and alcoholic drinks seem more conducive and corrosive, causing irreversible harm to your internal components. The objective is to limit their impacts as much as possible by quickly cleaning the laptop. 

How To Protect Laptop From Getting Wet

Laptops can be found in the water or dropped onto the ground and damaged. So, it’s essential to protect them from any water or damage. Laptop owners are more aware of the importance of protecting their devices to avoid any mishaps.

In fact, they are more concerned with how to preserve their devices than they ever were before. So, let’s understand How to fix a laptop that got wet

Waterproofing Options

  • The surge in demand for waterproof cases is evident in recent years as people want to be prepared just in case things go wrong and destroy their expensive work equipment.
  • We recommend purchasing a keyboard cover to safeguard your laptop from further liquid spills.
  • Carrying your gadget in a good laptop bag adds another degree of security.
  • Ensure that your coverage does not obstruct any of your laptop’s air holes. If it happens, cut the skin of the cover using scissors to leave the ventilation area exposed.
  • Choose a ruggedized laptop if you operate in an environment where laptop spills and dampness are prevalent. It might be challenging to avoid spills entirely, and this gadget includes a sealed keyboard and additional features to help with that.

In Case Of A Wet Laptop Emergency

Don’t Try To Turn It On

The first thing you need to do is not try to turn it on. Otherwise, you will make the situation even worse for yourself, and the laptop recovery will even have fewer chances. If it is already on, turn it off immediately or unplug it. 

Power Button

Keep on pressing the power button until it shuts down

Removable Battery

Got a removable battery? Then don’t wait and remove it fast! It would help if you were vigilant as every second is essential.

Remove Components Of Laptop

Remove all the removable parts or components of your laptop. Start off with unplugging your mouse and any cables attached to it. Remove any flash drive and CDs

Use Towel, Not Blow Drier

Open the laptop as much as you can and try to dry it off by using towels or any absorbent fabric for wiping the surface to make them dry. Do not dry your laptop with any heated devices such as heat guns or hair dryers.

Use Warranty Card

If you have the warranty card of your laptop and it is still valid, then I recommend you to use it and take your laptop to any nearby store or your brand’s authorized repair shop that is specialized in filing your laptop’s brand laptops.

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Break It Down


Although it was formerly simple to open and remove components from older computers for solving How to fix a laptop that got wet, this is no longer the case with newer laptops.

We do not recommend you open up your laptop as todays’ laptops don’t suggest this method as you might break or damage any essential parts of it.

But if you still want to do it, then here are some steps that you can do to make your machine work again How to fix a laptop that got wet. You need to follow these steps, and your laptop should be back to its original condition in no time!

Remove Battery And Memory Card

If you haven’t previously done so and your laptop supports it, Remove the battery and remove the memory card from the computer.

The battery can be removed by pressing the button and sliding the underneath part of the laptop. To eject each memory stick, push the side clips.

Remove The Keyboard 

Take the cover of the keyboard, remove the screws around it, take out both pieces by pulling them out, and put them aside. But, in numerous situations, a Phillips or Torx screwdriver is required to remove them. 


Take out all the screws on each side of your laptop, then gently lift on each corner with your fingers until it pops off. You can now see each side of your motherboard with its connectors and components underneath it.

Dry The Parts With Towel Or Alcoholic Dipped Toothbrush

Examine each part of the laptop keenly to see where and how much water has seeped into the laptop. Look for any sign of corrosiveness too.

Try to dry out the wet parts with a towel but if the seeping liquid is other than water, then wipe it off with a 99% alcohol isopropyl dipped toothbrush. 

Hopefully, everything will be OK How to fix a laptop that got wet, but if not, take it to a repair shop.

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If Your Laptop Cannot Be Taken Apart

People often think that the best way How to fix a laptop that got wet is to remove the part. However, there are no removable parts in Apple MacBook and Mac Pro laptops. Even so, cleaning the laptop is still difficult because it requires removing many screws and other parts.

Apple laptops are noted for their elegant design, low weight, and water resistance. However, some of these qualities may also make them a hassle to clean up – and it’s not just about water damage. 

Don’t be concerned if you find a submerged laptop or a black sludge on the bottom of your computer! There is still hope for you before you begin using the old-fashioned way How to fix a laptop that got wet.

In Between, the Moment Liquid Was Splashed On Your Laptop Keyboard, And The Time You Took It To The Shop

This is one way to solve How to fix a laptop that got wet

  • Hold the laptop upside down
  • Use the towel to wipe off the any visually visible wet areas
  • Now, place it on a dry surface
  • Provide it with maximum ventilation as possible

Bag Of Rice Method

Another way How to fix a laptop that got wet is to use a bag of rice. It may be beneficial to use this method, but it has its limits and preeminent substantial problems that you need to consider before applying it.

  • First off, liquid splashes or spills that are not water like coffee, juice, or any other material with sugar, alcohol, or any other substance will not have much of an effect as rice is a hygroscopic material.
  • Secondly, rice does not efficiently absorb the water trapped deep inside the laptop’s parts, and in most cases, these areas are the problematic areas where the damage occurs.
  • Lastly, rice is not clean as you think, and it curtains debris that may get stuck in laptop parts, making the situation even worse to handle. 


Here we conclude our topic on How to fix a laptop that got wet. It is advised to keep our laptop out of anything liquid and keep it on a dry surface to avoid any mishap because laptops are sensitive devices.

We often forget them and end up in out-of-control situations. To avoid such events and question How to fix a laptop that got wet, make sure that your laptop is safe.

If something like getting water spilled on a laptop happens, follow the above steps to ensure minimal damage is done. Hopefully, the article How to fix a laptop that got wet was informative, and you will recommend it to others too. 

Good Luck!

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