How To Fix Laptop Power Jack Without Soldering | Best Guide 2022

How To Fix Laptop Power Jack Without Soldering Best Guide 2022

How to fix laptop power jack without soldering is a commonly asked question by many users. It asked due to many tries of trying to charge the laptop, but it refuses to do so. Frustrating right! How else will you feel if you attempt and fail multiple times? I think, annoyed.

In this scenario, you’re probably wondering why your charger abruptly ceased to work, but there’s a reasonable probability the power jack is broken and has to be repaired or replaced.

Many have been in this exact scenario, and we would like to explain How to fix laptop power jack without soldering.

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Here’s How To Fix Laptop Power Jack Without Soldering

Here’s How To Fix Laptop Power Jack Without Soldering

This question of How to fix laptop power jack without soldering is determined by how a DC jack is attached to the motherboard. It may be feasible if it is linked through a wire connector.

However, it is not possible if it is soldered directly into the motherboard. In this scenario, soldering is required to repair an entirely loose or broken-off power connector.

This article will assist you on How to fix laptop power jack without soldering and assist you to solve the problem asap.

How Does A Power Will Jack Work On A Laptop?

A DC power jack is a necessary component of a laptop or notebook. It supplies power to charge the battery and maintain the laptop powered on.

+VE and GND

The majority of laptops/notebooks have two connectors: +VE and GND. They are sometimes referred to as positive and negative connections. On the other hand, Dell includes one additional detecting pin in addition to these two connections.

Dc-In Jack With Wire

Assuming the wires on your laptop’s DC-in jack are linked with a connector, they could be able to repair it without soldering. And the question: How to fix laptop power jack without soldering will not be answered.

Dc Jack Without Wire

When the DC-in connector on your laptop is directly soldered to the motherboard, there is no way to avoid soldering to remedy the problem of How to fix laptop power jack without soldering.

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How To Find Out That If The Power Jack Fails?

Before jumping to the methods for How to fix laptop power jack without soldering, below are among the most prevalent signs of a power jack malfunction. A power jack’s primary role is to supply constant power. If there is an issue, it will fail to do so.

  • The power light, which displays whether charging is on or off, will flicker. It will sporadically switch from AC adapter to battery power due to a damaged jack.
  • If you have to jiggle your charger cable to retain the connection in the socket, or if you feel the DC jack is loose, there is an issue with the jack.
  • Although everything appears to be in order, the battery is not charging. You may not experience the symptoms listed above.
  • If the laptop only charges at a specific location or angle, it might be a symptom of a faulty jack. It is a severe scenario, and something significant might occur as a consequence. Do not use your laptop until the problem has been resolved.

How To Check And Identify What A Causes The Power Jack Failure?

Whether you start dismantling your laptop or thinking about soldering, attempting to identify the problem before solving How to fix laptop power jack without soldering is necessary. Do the following to pinpoint the trustworthy source of the issue:

Check Voltage

Take and test the power adapter with a multimeter. It’s acceptable if you notice a slight change in voltage. However, a voltage off of more than one amp signals a problem. Keep in mind that anything less than or greater than the specified voltage might cause catastrophic harm to your laptop.

Examine Power Jack

It would be best if you now inspected the power jack before How to fix laptop power jack without soldering. Flip the laptop over and remove the battery. Connect the charger. Examine the VGA port or other metal ports. Take out the multimeter once more.

Bring the negative probe up to them. Now, connect the positive probe to each pin on the battery terminal. With the exception of two pins, all of them carry current. The inbuilt volts and amps will differ from the adapters. Internal ones should be lowered.

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How To Accomplish This

  • Examine the jack’s connection. To accomplish this,
    • Take a check at the connecting wire. It’s linked to the motherboard. Please remove it.
  • Attach the power supply adapter to the jack.
    • Check the voltage on the jack connector using the multimeter. If the connector is defective, there will be no voltage.
    • One can test the continuity of the jack’s points. It consists of a primary pin, a center pin, and four exterior pins.

Tools And Items Required

Before you begin working on How to fix laptop power jack without soldering, make sure you have all of the essential equipment and things. Some of the necessary tools are listed below:

  • An AC Adaptor that is general and contains all of the suitable connections with your Laptop in terms of size and other vital characteristics.
  • Zip ties and electrical tape
  • Pointer or highlighter barrel that is empty If your marker is still functional, there is no need to trash this item.
  • Accessories for your laptop’s AC power supply, such as a multimeter, pliers, solder and iron, wire strippers, etc.
  • Dull tool – in this situation, try using screws or a screwdriver with nails, drills, a hammer, or any other instrument that can produce holes and keep the barrel in place.

3 Methods To Fix Laptop Power Jack

Following are the three methods to solve How to fix laptop power jack without soldering.

Method 1: Fix The Power Jack By Joining The Two Cords

Preparation Of The Barrel

A barrel with two openings must be prepared. You may skip this step, but the work will seem frayed and disorganized if the wrapped wires and soldering are left exposed.

  • Remove the marker’s ink holding part and the marker’s tip.
  • The marker barrel is as simple as drilling a hole on the opposite side of the barrel.

Prepping The Cord:

Preparing the cable entails severing the laptop cord. We’re working with both a general AC adapter and a laptop AC adapter in this scenario.

Generic Ac Adaptor

  • The first procedure is to cut the generic adapter’s cable to the required length. You should make sure the cord isn’t too short. The additional wire should be left on the adapter plug and should be long enough to be utilized in the future.
  • Bring the previously prepared string and place it in the barrel.
  • You must disclose the cables. Remove them by stripping them.

Laptop Ac Adapter

  • Trim to shorten the span of the cord that has to be replaced.
  • Put the cable through the tip part of the marker barrel.
  • search to see if the wires have been stripped for exposure.

Join The Two Cords

It is a critical phase, and you must be wary of inconsistencies. Get used to a multimeter to confirm that you are working with the correct wires.

  • Cross-check the AC Adapter while keeping the polarities in mind. Check that the plug’s core and the outside conductor are negative.
  • Plug the laptop’s AC charger and make sure they do not even make touch with each other. Keep an eye out for the positive and negative wires.
  • One may use the generic plug to verify the wires connected to the outside plug conductor and the wires connected to the inner pin. Always exercise extreme caution in this matter. Examine the notes to see if the relationship is correct.
  • Tape the inner half of the wire and wrap the tape around the last pair of wires to protect them.

After completing the initial processes for How to fix laptop power jack without soldering, you must check that the barrel is well sealed.

Method 2: Replace The Dc-Power Jack

For How to fix laptop power jack without soldering consist of this 2nd method:

  • Disconnect any wire connectors from the jack.
  • Attempt to loosen the screw and remove it from the body.
  • If the connector is soldered to the motherboard, attempt to remove it with care so that the board’s circuit traces are not damaged.
  • Please remember that working on the motherboard necessitates particular caution. Any error might cause the entire motherboard to fail.

Method 3: Fix The Connector Wire Or Jack’s Pin

3rd method is for connecting wire for the process in How to fix laptop power jack without soldering:

  • Find the broken cable in the connection. Locate the disconnected pin in the case of a jack.
  • Connect the wire correctly. For reinforcement, heat shrink tubes can be used. Solder the pin in the case of a jack.
  • Once you’ve finished repairing, use your multimeter to check the voltage. It may now function.

Significant Issues To Take Note

Keep the following in mind for How to fix laptop power jack without soldering:

  • A damaged battery might cause problems with the power jack.
  • This type of problem occurs when the pin on the power jack cracks, the wire in the converter plug cracks, or the DC adapter wire is broken.
  • To keep the pin from breaking, use a suitable adhesive or a solid glue to bind the pin to the plastics.
  • In certain circumstances, the pins aren’t the only thing that breaks. The copper tracks on the motherboard are also susceptible to failure. In this situation, remove the PCB to obtain complete access to the copper and apply the adhesive to the motherboard.


How Should We Get This Started? What’s The First Step In Fixing The Power Jack?

  • The procedure may be divided into three phases. Inspecting is the first and most critical stage. This is a crucial phase. You must conduct a study to determine whether the power jack has to be resolved or whether the power jack causes the problems. It will be of help if you also looked into the best power jack to purchase if you need to replace it.

How To Solder Dc Power Jack?

  • The soldering technique is not as complex as most people believe. It is far easier to solder a jack than remove it. The steps are straightforward.
  1. Insert the power jack through the pinholes.
  2. Make use of flux.
  3. Employing melted soldering wire, solder every pin one at a time.

Is It Bad If I Let The Charger On Overnight?

  • Laptops now include an intelligent circuit that ceases charging once the battery is fully charged. The charger can be left plugged in overnight. That is no risk.

Final Words

We believe that this article has helped you understand power jack errors and how to fix laptop power jack without soldering. Several laptop peripherals may be reused.

You can now use a laptop as a display, but the irritation associated with charging issues is enormous. It is critical to test your laptop after reassembly to ensure it is operational.

The battery notification will show “battery charging” as the first indication that it operates properly. This concludes our How to fix laptop power jack without soldering article.

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