How To Overclock Hp Laptop | Best Guide 2022

How To Overclock Hp Laptop | Best Guide 2022

How to overclock Hp laptop is a commonly asked question by users. Laptops come with a downside of less performance capacity than desktop computers because of their compactable design and small size.

But, users want a high-performance device in their hand, so tech users use the technique of overclocking the laptop to make that happen. But they know so little about how to correctly do the overclocking and end up questioning How to overclock Hp laptop.

Many people overclock their computers without any guidance, but many are unaware of How to overclock Hp laptop or what overclock means. As an HP customer, I would like to share some common misconceptions about overclocking and how it can save you money in the long run.

Let’s look into How to overclock Hp laptop and what is the proper way of doing it.

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Here’s How To Overclock Hp Laptop

Here’s How To Overclock Hp Laptop

One way to break the limits of your laptop is by overclocking it. Although overclocking has a few risks, it can be done without having to contact the company that made your laptop.

Overclocking the HP laptop is a simple process that can be done on your own, and it will not require any skills or knowledge other than taking some time and patience. Let’s get into How to overclock Hp laptop

What Is Overclocking?

Overclocking is when a computer is forced to run at a higher clock speed than the manufacturer intends to run it at. Overclocking is done either by increasing the CPU frequency, changing the multipliers, or increasing the voltages.

Overclocking can provide significant performance improvements while keeping within thermal and power limitations when done correctly.

Why Is It Required

Overclocking can be done on laptops, desktops, and servers. It can benefit gamers and people who need more performance from their hardware.

However, overclocking can also cause damage to the hardware if not done correctly and carelessly. So in order to perform step by step performance on How to overclock Hp laptop

How To Overclock CPU Of Hp Laptop

By overclocking, you can get your CPU’s chip close to its limits in your device if you actually know your device’s CPU limits. Here is How to overclock Hp laptop 


Before jumping to How to overclock Hp laptop, mainly the CPU of your device, it is advised that you must know the essential components and procedures before starting the process:

Avoid Overeating

When you are trying to increase the output of your Hp laptop’s CPU, it uses a lot of energy that causes it to produce more heat in access.

You know very well that overheating can cause further damage to your computer, resulting in the low performance of your Hp laptop, no matter how perfect you have done the overclocking. 

How To Solve It

So to avoid this, you need a cooling pad or any other cooling device that will prevent your laptop from overheating while using extra volts of energy and causing damage.

Check The Voltage

Along with the above precaution, make sure to check for the maximum amount of voltage your Hp laptop can handle, as overloaded volts going through your laptop will damage your device.  

So now you are well aware of the cautions that you need to take care of beforehand regarding How to overclock Hp laptop. Let’s jump into  How to overclock Hp laptop, mainly CPU

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Overclock CPU With Any Software


First of all, you need to make sure that the CPU of your Hp laptop device is fully stable when idle and can have a maximum load when overclocked successfully.

FOr confirmation of this, you will need software that will measure and monitor your CPU’s stability. You may even have a monitoring device for your CPU integrated inside your laptop.

That will be best. Other software will also be needed to make sure that Hp laptop is not overheating and to measure the heat generated by your Hp laptop.

Core Temperature

You need to consider and understand your Hp laptop’s lowest core temperature to understand how the CPU operates when overclocking and whether it will be able to handle the added loads or tension by overclocking.

Tests And Its Benchmarks

Take your CPU to stock and benchmark the temperature you want your Hp laptop’s CPU to be in. Now compare it with how hot I can get when it is at its 100%. 

Install Different Softwares For Stress Test

You can perform a wide variety of stress tests on your CPU of Hp laptop by installing different software that is designed to perform these.

But, some Hp laptops like HP OMEN have already installed software to track the performance of your laptop’s CPU. You do not need additional software in these Hp laptops to track down the performance of the laptop.


After stabilizing the laptop’s temperature, restart it. Carefully measure the loading and login screen time. If it takes more than usual time to load and log in to the laptop, you might have drained your CPU. 


Many significant companies of laptop manufacturers have overclocking CPU profiles installed in them. Adjusting the motherboard to eliminate the recommended profiles preset in the CPU is another way to search for the CPU’s capabilities.


You can automatically change the process. It depends on the program in use. You need to be careful when performing this as if done incorrectly can damage the processor entirely and permanently. 

Adjust the setting

If you know that many Hz are required for your laptop to work smoothly without overheating, you can adjust it by using the software for overclocking.

You can change them according to your settings but make sure that voltages and currents are considered for this.

Continue to benchmark

To ensure stability, you can keep tracing the temperature and the speed of your laptop to avoid any unnecessary outcomes.

After you are confident, you can enjoy the Hp laptop’s new performance by overclocking it. This is all you need to know or How to overclock Hp laptop

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How To Overclock GPU Of Hp Laptop

Knowing How to overclock Hp laptop, especially its GPU, will make it render quicker, but it may also cause instability and even damage. Overclocking should only be done by specialists or people who are not frightened of the hazards involved.


How to overclock Hp laptop with the GPU is a straightforward method that takes some effort and understanding. Here are some ways to help you overclock your laptop:


  • Connect your laptop to a power source with a consistent power supply.
  • Turn on your laptop.
  • Navigate to the device manager and choose “Display Adapters” from the “System Devices” section.
  • Select “Overclock” from the display adapter’s context menu.
  • From this menu, choose the new overclocked settings you desire.
  • Click “Next” one again, then “Test,” and finally “Finish.” You should now see that your GPU has been overclocked.
  • Reboot your computer.

How To Overclock Motherboard Of Hp Laptop

To know How to overclock Hp laptop, mainly its motherboard, then carefully follow the following steps for it.

Model Of Motherboard

Look for the motherboard’s model number by opening your laptop. It presents quickly on the board, and you can find it without any problem. 


Now go to the search engine and write in the search about “non-hp motherboard” and “OEM,” or either you can write the model number of your motherboard. Look for OEM BIOS details for the specific Hp laptop’s motherboard.


You need to download alternative OEM BIOS from the OEM website. Now, open the BIOS and keep your screen on.

The CPU’s voltage will control the clock’s speed, the front-end bus settings, and the speed of the memory settings depending upon the version of BIOS you are flashing. 

Increase The Settings Slowly

The setting should be increased very slowly and slowly bring it to the 20% higher level than already present on the clock. This is How to overclock Hp laptop.

Overclocking Downsides

There is, as with most things in life, a catch. Overclocking a CPU causes it to run at a greater temperature and voltage, which might break the delicate balance of your motherboard’s resources. 

Unstable System Performance

As a result, your system may perform unpredictably or become unstable. 


Overclocking creates excess heat, which must be drained, or your computer will be damaged. Heat is a terrible thing with laptops since they have limited cooling capability.

If your computer’s temperature becomes too high, it will defend itself by slowing down, which is the complete opposite of what you really want.

Long Term Damage

Worse, you may overlook a short-term advantage to compensate for the long-term suffering of performance-hungry fanatics.


Here we conclude our topic on How to overclock Hp laptop. Doing this may sound quite a mess and complicated, but this is the only way to make sure that your laptop is working at the fastest speed.

Hopefully, you were able to know the steps efficiently for How to overclock Hp laptop and will recommend it to your friends out there. 

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