How To Restart Dell Laptop When Frozen? | Best Guide 2022

How To Restart Dell Laptop When Frozen? | Best Guide 2022

How to restart Dell laptop when frozen? If your computer freezes and you need to restart it, don’t feel awful about yourself

Computers, like any other electrical device, can get frozen at any time and require a quick restart. If your primary aim is to get your hard drive wiped and restarted, there are techniques to do it without losing work or data.

Laptops occasionally freeze, which is a frequent issue. This issue might be aggravating, but the answer is quick and simple: How to restart Dell laptop when frozen?

Let’s look into some methods for How to restart Dell laptop when frozen? And some other ways to unfreeze your laptop

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Here’s How To Restart Dell Laptop When Frozen?

Here’s How To Restart Dell Laptop When Frozen?

Restarting your laptop can be a simple task, as long as you know how to do it properly. The ideal solution for the issue How to restart Dell laptop when frozen? is to power down your computer and then back on by changing the outlets.

However, sometimes computers may not respond without any warning and that’s when restarting the battery comes in handy. Let us look into some useful tricks to solve How to restart Dell laptop when frozen?

Methods To Restart Dell Laptop When Frozen

Shortcut Key Combo

A simple yet effective way of restarting your laptop that is frozen to solve How to restart Dell laptop when frozen? 


The method is simple, just press Ctrl+Alt+Delete. Press these buttons at once and this will pop up even if your laptop is normally working or is at brick. This method will take you to the security option interface. 

Interface Appearance

It will look like your normal device login interface Now just go to the power button icon which is present on the bottom right corner of the screen and just click it and select the option of the restart. 

Problem Solved

This way your laptop will restart automatically and you will be able to run the laptop easily and smoothly.

What If Keys Don’t Work?

But if the keys are not working then do not panic! We have got other options for you: How to restart Dell laptop when frozen?

Hard Reboot

When you are experiencing issues on your device, it is essential to get back on track as soon as possible and hope that the issue is resolved quickly.

Sometimes a hard reboot is required to solve the problem of How to restart Dell laptop when frozen? and get you up and running again.

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What’s Hard Reboot?

A hard reboot is something you can call an emergency measure when you need your laptop at that time but it’s lagging or is frozen and is interrupting your work. 


So, it’s simply a shutdown method for How to restart Dell laptop when frozen? but manually by pressing the button for a solid 5 seconds and the screen goes blank which is basically the laptop just shuts down. 


But I will suggest that you use this method for only emergency situations and do not make it a habit because the hard reboot is not a great option to shut your laptop down as it may cause damage to your laptop’s software and we don’t want that. 

Force Restart

To begin solving How to restart Dell laptop when frozen? unhook all of the Dell laptop’s cords. This includes anything hooked in with its USB ports or power adapters for charging, even mobile phones. you don’t want them draining any additional charge out there.

Now, unplug any external drives so they don’t drain your laptop battery when it hasn’t been used in a while. Finally, hold down the power button for 15 seconds to drain the power left.

Take Batteries Off

The above two methods are for sure without any doubt work in making your laptop work but somehow due to any misfortune you can’t access the keys nor are you able to do a hard reboot by pressing the power button. Then my friend, this is the option for you.

Replaceable Battery Options 

This option is available for those champs who have dell laptops with replaceable battery options to solve How to restart Dell laptop when frozen?

To restart a frozen laptop, you must first remove the battery. Make sure the machine is turned on and hooked into an outlet while you remove the battery.

To remove the battery, follow these steps:

  • Remove the power cable from your laptop and connect it to an outlet.
  • Insert this plastic connection to detach your laptop’s battery.
  • To loosen the black lock (A), twist it counterclockwise.
  • Using needle-nosed pliers, remove tension before drawing down both of these tabs (B)
  • Flip your laptop over and look for a little black switch with the word “BAT” written on it.

Now you can easily remove the batteries and install new ones to solve How to restart Dell laptop when frozen?

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Better To Unfreeze The Laptop Then Restart Directly

We are not idle when we have our laptops working, we occasionally are doing something important like making an assignment or project or doing our homework.

When the laptop freezes you can’t just restart it or hard reboot it or take the batteries out because this way all the hard work that you have put your whole soul into, will go to waste and you will have to start all over again. Frankly speaking, it’s annoying! 

Better Option Than Knowing How to restart Dell laptop when frozen?

So the better option than How to restart Dell laptop when frozen? is to wait for it to unfreeze, then to lose your whole work. For that follow the net steps which I’m going to mention here:

Give Laptop Some Time

We gotta admit that once the laptop is on, there are hardly a few minutes when it gets a rest from the work you are doing on it so basically, the laptop is working as hard as you need a time out. So when it freezes it’s more likely that it will unfreeze on its own if it’s not interrupted and given a minute or so.

Close Faulty Programs

Now if you cannot wait then again press the three buttons simultaneously which are Ctrl+Alt+Delete. Now select the option task manager, there you will be able to find the program which is causing your apto to freeze on crucial minutes.

Simply, to solve this problem, you need to select that treble-making program or an application and terminate it or close it so that it doesn’t cause more mishappening or freezing of your laptop.

Faulty Websites

If freezing is appearing due to an error or virus containing a website that you just visited or a still roaming in. Then simply, press Shift+Esc and browse the task manager will open to find out what the problem is and take action accordingly. Note that this option is available only in chrome and edge web browsers.

Disconnect External Cables

If you have connected some USB cable or Bluetooth device. You might want to disconnect it as it can be one of those troublemakers causing the laptop to freeze in the middle of crucial work. Is an alternative for How to restart Dell laptop when frozen?

Opening And Reopening Lid 

Closing and reopening your Dell laptop’s lid can even do the trick and you won’t have to go through so much trouble. Is another alternative than How to restart Dell laptop when frozen?

Other Ways To Solve Freezing Of Laptop

Examine the Reliability Monitor

Search for “reliability” in the Start menu, and then select the View reliability history option that displays.

What Is Graph?

A graph of your PC’s stability over time will be displayed, along with crash reports and other difficulties, as well as updates and newly installed apps.

If you locate an error that occurred around the same time as your frozen problem, Reliability Monitor will give you the opportunity to examine technical details or search Microsoft’s database for a solution. 

Contains Error Codes

These particulars may contain certain error codes that you may seek up for further information. Meanwhile, Microsoft’s database seldom works, but it’s worth a go.

Perform a Malware Scan

Like any computer problem, it never costs to run a virus check to determine whether something malicious is causing your issues—especially if you’ve not done it in a spell.

Download freeware, such as Malwarebytes, and run it through your hard disc to check if anything crops up. If you run into problems, see our instructions to remove malware from your computer.

Look For Overheating Of Laptop

Laptops are typically not designed to be used in extremely cold conditions. They have cooling fans, but sometimes the laptop itself may not be able to cool off enough. When this happens, the laptop can freeze and get damaged.

What Happens?

As the temperature rises, your laptop will heat up more and more until it reaches a critical point beyond which it cannot cool down quickly enough. At that point, there is only one solution – turning off your laptop and letting it cool down gradually by itself.

Noisy Fans

Keep an eye out for a noisy fan, which might indicate that your computer is overheating. Using a high-pressure duster, remove any dust from the PC.

Check that your fans are truly spinning—if any of them aren’t, you may have a failing component and will need to change the fan.

If Nothing Works Then Let The Experts Deal With It

There might be times that you may not be able to unfreeze your laptop on your own due to technical problems that need experts advice so that it to them and let them handle the situation. 


Here we conclude our article on How to restart Dell laptop when frozen?. I hope you have found out some of the best methods for How to restart Dell laptop when frozen? and will recommend it to your friend as well. 

Take Care and Good Luck!

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