How to turn laptop into gaming pc | Best Guide 2022

How to turn laptop into gaming pc, 2022

Wondering how to turn laptop into gaming pc, 2022? We have the best information for you.

Many people don’t have the money to buy an expensive gaming PC. They need something that will allow them to play games on their laptop without spending too much money. And this is where we jump in. We are going to tell you exactly how to turn laptop into gaming pc, 2022 in simpler methods. 

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Here is how to turn laptop into gaming pc, 2022

How to turn laptop into gaming pc, 2022
How to turn laptop into gaming pc, 2022

The following are some of the answers to the question of how to turn laptop into gaming Pc, 2022.


Several factors can influence the performance of a laptop. Even if you have the best and newest laptop, you may not be able to play games on it. Your RAM may be too low, and your GPU is not powerful enough to deliver the graphics you need to play games. 

Upgrading your laptop’s RAM will increase the speed of your computer and enable you to run more demanding games. 

The RAM can be improved, and you can turn the laptop into a gaming pc by buying more RAM or purchasing new RAM modules from the manufacturer. There are even existing modules and low-cost alternative solutions that exist for this task.

When you purchase a new laptop, it comes with either 16 GB or 32 GB of storage space for your files. If you need expanded storage space, you can buy extra storage cards to add up to 32 GB of additional storage space. 

The more RAM you have, the more applications you can run simultaneously and the faster your computer will play games.


The other answer to how to turn laptop into gaming pc, 2022 lies in overlocking the GPU. To make a laptop gaming pc, you need a motherboard with an overclocked GPU and graphics card capable of delivering the required amount of power for gaming. 

Overclocking is a process of increasing the processing power of a computer. It can be done through software, hardware, or firmware. The aim of overclocking is to improve the performance of a computer’s hardware, increasing the speed at which it processes information.

Overclocking your video card is similar to overclocking your CPU. Still, it’s a little easier: you’ll gradually increase the core frequency of your graphics card, evaluating it for stability with a benchmarking program as you go. 

You can use an overclocking tool to overclock your GPU and boost it to turn your laptop into a gaming pc.


Turn your laptop into a gaming pc by upgrading the version of your laptop to direct X. For this, you will need to first check your version of the laptop. Now download the version DirectX for the laptop to acquire the features essential for the laptop to run games smoothly and have a smooth gaming experience.

Microsoft DirectX is a set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that support video games and game programming on most Microsoft platforms to Windows applications and apps. 

DirectX is generally updated automatically through Windows Updates; however, for some Windows versions, it may also be downloaded and updated manually.


The fourth answer to how to turn laptop into gaming pc, 2022 lies in enabling game mode. Enabling gaming mode will aid you to turn your laptop into a gaming pc easily. 

In general, the enabling mode is already activated on your laptop. Still, if it happens to be otherwise, you may enable it manually by reaching into the settings of your laptop and enabling the gaming mode.

The gaming mode mainly prioritizes the functions of the game and helps the user experience a gaming adventure. 

It suppresses the laptop’s other functions than gaming and helps the user focus on the gaming experience. This is the easiest way to turn your laptop into a gaming pc.


One of the cost-efficient and reliable ways and answer to the question of how to turn laptop into gaming pc, 2022 lies in upgrading the CPU. 

To turn your laptop into a gaming pc you need to think about upgrading the CPU. The good news is that replacing a CPU is not difficult if you have all the necessary knowledge and tools. 

In fact, you’ll likely spend more time preparing for the procedure than you will actually be replacing the CPU. Keeping that in view, here are a few basic steps for selecting and installing a brand-new CPU for your favorite gaming or office PC.

However, there are some factors you need to consider while upgrading the CPU. You must make sure of the motherboard’s compatibility to cope with the upgrade. 

Make sure to keep a secure data backup. Ensure that your laptop can browse over websites so that the computer runs smoothly.


All of the above strategies will be rendered ineffective to turn your laptop into a gaming pc if your network connection is poor. 

Most games are played online; thus, a fast Internet connection is required if you want to have a smooth gaming experience on your Machine. Your internet connection must be fast and active for your game to run properly.

An unstable internet connection will, however, ruin the user’s experience with the game. The internet is compulsory to be running at high speed to ensure high-quality time by diving into your favorite games.


If you are looking for the answer to how to turn laptop into gaming pc, 2022 consider improving the appearance of your laptop. You must’ve heard the saying, “impression is everything.” Therefore to give a lasting impression on the user’s gaming experience, the user must have fun while seeing eye candy.

The texture and shade options on your laptop’s UI make it seem great. If you want to turn your laptop into a gaming pc, pay close attention to the Texture and Shade options. 

You may simply modify the texture and shading to suit your tastes. BUT it is a must to keep an eye on your high-resolution display because it consumes a lot of battery power and influences the RAM frame rate.


The method to turn your laptop into a gaming pc can be achieved only by passing through the aisle of cleaning the laptop physically and thus improving its state. 

The critical thing you ought to do is spotless the PC genuinely. Eliminate all residue and grime from it and store it someplace perfect and dry. Put forth a mindful attempt to clean the PC’s “vents” and “can” because this will help to keep your PC from overheating while gaming. 

On the off chance that heavier cleaning is required, saturate fabric with a 50-50 blend of refined water and refined white vinegar and delicately rub your screen clean. To clean the front and back of your PC case, utilize a spotless wipe that has been dunked in a gentle dish cleanser and water and wrung out.


Turn your laptop into a gaming pc by updating and upgrading your laptop’s drivers. You can likewise refresh your drivers through the authority site of your GPU item type.

There are three types of drivers you can upgrade to:

  • Nvidia Drivers
  • AMD drivers
  • Intel drivers


Nothing will leave your CPU overhaul speechless quicker than discovering that your PC can’t uphold your new processor. The awful news is that this requires a great deal of examination front and center to affirm what will and won’t work; fortunately, there are loads of assets online to assist you with that exploration. to discover what sort of motherboard you have, go into the Windows search bar and type “msinfo32.” 

This will carry you to the System Information board, where you’ll track down BaseBoard Manufacturer (e.g., ASUS) and BaseBoard Product (e.g., P7P55 WS SUPERCOMPUTER).


Optimization to turn your laptop into a gaming pc is by updating your laptop to the latest windows. Latest window updates are usually available to the laptop by default, yet if that is not the case for your laptop, you can download the windows by using help from an expert. 

Whereas, if you have windows 10, you can easily optimize it. To advance Windows 10 for gaming, you can decide to overhaul the equipment of your PC, making your PC quicker. 

Concerning overhaul equipment and how to make Windows 10 quicker for gaming, you can decide to redesign HDD to SSD.


A laptop furnished with a real card is essential to turn your laptop into a gaming pc with better picture quality and better video experience. Better illustrations mean a better gaming experience also. However, with the underlying appearance of a realistic card, it should give low execution to the PC too. 

With the appearance of advanced pragmatic frameworks, today, a realistic empowered framework has turned into one more equivalent word of superior execution and better client experience.

To work on your realistic execution, you ought to work your PC in double channel mode rather than a power-saving mode. The realistic exhibition goes blurred when you have turned on power saver mode for your work area as it diminishes the brilliance of your PC. 

Making your PC work in a double channel also sustains what is going on against such conditions.


Above are all the answers to the question of how to turn laptop into gaming pc, 2022. Use any of the Strategies and be a gaming Ninja

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