How To Use Laptop As Monitor For Switch | Best Guide 2022

How To Use Laptop As Monitor For Switch | Best Guide 2022

How to use laptop as monitor for switch is a question that makes many users curious to understand as generally speaking, you’d want to link your Nintendo Switch Console to your television so you can play games on a big screen, so connecting it to the laptop is rare to make this question arise How to use laptop as monitor for switch

If the following is your question, then this article is the best answer!

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Here’s How To Use Laptop As Monitor For Switch

Here's How To Use Laptop As Monitor For Switch

Regardless of the cause, if you want to know How to use laptop as monitor for switch, you must first link your laptop to the console and should know-how. There are two simple ways to accomplish this. Because it isn’t all that difficult, you don’t need to stress over creating a sophisticated setup.

Even if you are unfamiliar with technology, the procedures are pretty simple to follow. So, without more hesitation, here’s how to utilize your laptop as a display for your Nintendo Switch console.

Display The Switch On Laptop With HDMI Input Port

If you want to show your switch on your laptop and solve the question How to use laptop as monitor for switch, your computer must have an HDMI input connector.

Unfortunately, only a few computers are equipped with an HDMI input connector. Do not mix your laptop’s HDMI port with the HDMI in port; it is most likely the output port.

It’s Significance

What is the significance of this statement? Since most laptops lack an input port. If yours did, you’d most likely be aware of it. In reality, HDMI capability is present in just approximately 0.01 percent of computers only then you can proceed to know How to use laptop as monitor for switch

HDMI Input Connector Laptop

Just the Alienware laptop brand is famous for including an HDMI input connector.

One may believe that the HDMI output port functions similarly, but attempting to show the switch o laptop through an HDMI out just will not work.

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Here’s How To Do It

Take the HDMI cable and connect it to the HDMI out on the laptop and the HDMI in on your TV. The computer display is then shown on your television screen. All TVs come standard with an HDMI input connector, but laptops aren’t designed with that capability in consideration.


One shouldn’t have to be concerned, anyway! If your console lacks a built-in HDMI input connector, you may connect it to your laptop using the game capture card.

Turning Laptop Into A Monitor For Switch With The Elgato Capture Card

A capture device is a type that is used to submit digital data through transformed gaming signals. It is a beautiful method to help tournament folks by enabling them to store and capture games that they enjoy and play regularly.

This handy little gadget can both capture and Livestream full matchmaking it easier to solve How to use laptop as monitor for switch

The Elgato Game Capture card is the best in town and is easily accessible for purchase on Amazon. It’s a fantastic solution for How to use laptop as monitor for switch if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to get the work completed. 

Elgato Capture Card Connectivity Ports

The Elgato Game Capture Card has four ports, two of which are inputs and two of which are outputs. Let’s go over each of them one at a time to understand how they work.

HDMI Input Port

This is the magical port that many laptops lack! The HDMI In port is occupied by the Nintendo Switch. It should be noted that any signals that may be protected by HDCP will be inoperable.

A/V In that is Elgato Game Capture Hd Only

To link the video via Component or Composite, an adaptor cable can be utilized. If you want to use S-Video, you should use an Analog Video Adapter Cable. The cable is readily available for purchase on Amazon or through the Elgato Store.

HDMI Output Port

The HDMI signal is provided through the HDMI Out, which is then collected in real-time via your laptop, allowing for a continuous gaming experience.

USB Port

The last step for How to use laptop as monitor for switch, the connector on the Capture Card is the USB port, which delivers the H.264 compressed video to your device via USB 2.0. Signals are not received in real-time as compared to the HDMI output.

During the transmission procedure, a few seconds of delay is usual. This delay should not cause any sort of screen ghosting, though. That USB cable can also be used to power the Elgato Game Capture HD gear. Finally! this step is completed for How to use laptop as monitor for switch

Additional Items Required

Collecting more objects for this procedure may appear to be a challenging undertaking for How to use laptop as monitor for switch, but it is actually relatively easy. All you really need are two additional objects, both of which you very certainly have already.

HDMI Cable

In most cases, a high-quality HDMI cable is already included in the Nintendo Switch package. Or else, you may practically use whatever HDMI cable you have in your house.

If your Nintendo Switch box does not include an HDMI cable and you are unable to locate one at home, you may simply purchase one from Amazon. This help in answering the How to use laptop as monitor for switch

Nintendo Dock

Considering the availability of several adapters, it still isn’t feasible to connect the Capture Card directly to the Nintendo Switch. Because the Nintendo Switch lacks a video output connector, you will not be able to connect it to the Elgato Capture Card.

This is where the Nintendo Dock comes in since it features a built-in connector that can link to the Nintendo Switch immediately.

How It Works

The Nintendo Dock permits signal transport from your Switch console to your laptop via HDMI cable, as well as the connection of other associated peripherals.

Controllers may be charged through the USB ports. It is much more robust than batteries and is ideal for effectively powering the Switch console to solve How to use laptop as monitor for switch.

The dock is typically supplied with the switch. But, if you don’t have one for any cause, you may quickly obtain one from Amazon.

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Step By Step Connection Process

After you have assembled all of the necessary components, you can begin connecting your Switch console to your laptop and finally solve How to use laptop as monitor for switch.

The procedure is straightforward and explains itself clearly. To link a switch console with your laptop, complete the instructions below.

  1. Locate HDMI output port on the Nintendo Switch Dock and connect it to one of the HDMI Cable’s ends.
  2.  Now, plug the opposite side of the HDMI cable to the Elgato Game Capture Card’s HDMI in port.
  3. Insert an additional HDMI cable into one of the Elgato Capture Card’s HDMI output ports.
  4. Plug the other end of the second one of the HDMI cable towards the HDMI in port built into your device in the same way (laptop, tv, etc.)
  5. Link your Nintendo Switch to your Nintendo Switch Dock following connecting the HDMI cables to their respective HDMI ports.
  6. Once your device is linked to the Elgato Game Capture HD, you may begin using the Elgato Game Capture HD Software.

After completing the preceding procedures, you are now free to play the Nintendo Switch on a laptop! This is so easy to solve How to use laptop as monitor for switch

Alternative Capture Card Choices

Though Envato is the finest capturing card on the marketplace for How to use laptop as monitor for switch, there are many other solutions. If you don’t want to use the Elgato for any reason, we’ll go through two more capture cards fast.

Avermedia Live Gamer Portable 2 Plus

The AverMedia Live Gamer Portable 2 Plus is an alternate option to the Envato Capture Card. This handy tiny device is relatively easy to use, and the installer is also pretty basic.

This is beneficial for those who are not tech-savvy or well-informed in tech. All that is required is to connect the HDMI wires to the AverMedia Live Capture Card.

PC Free Mode

There is no need to worry if one don’t have a laptop to record the games! AVerMedia Capture Card offers a PC-free mode that allows you to record and capture games in 4k resolution.

But, all wondrous things have certain negatives. Even tho I can capture in 4k, you will not be able to broadcast the game at that resolution.

Nevertheless, many consumers do not believe this to be a significant drawback, given that the Nintendo Switch displays a 1080p image in the initial instance.

Razer Ripsaw Hd Game Streaming Capture Card

The Razer Ripsaw is yet an additional vital high standard exchange gadget for the Envato Capture Card. This grab card comes with various functions, along with a headphone port for monitoring and a microphone for filming.

The additional benefit of the Razer Ripsaw Capture Card is its 4K support. One disadvantage is that there is no distinct software designed exclusively for the Razer Ripsaw Capture card. It is another way to solve How to use laptop as monitor for switch.

Read Guidelines carefully

You now have enough ammunition to connect your switch console to your laptop. Before you begin, make sure you read the user manuals for detailed guidance.

It’s generally a wise option to remain up to speed on hardware specifications, so browse the product descriptions on Amazon and see if any additional components of your system require some TLC. 

Final Words

You may be asking How to use laptop as monitor for switch minus the usage of a capture card. It is certainly feasible, but as stated already, the only way to do it is if you have an HDMI in, which is relatively uncommon.

As a result, for the majority of us, the only method to effectively connect the switch to your laptop is via a Capture Card.

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